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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A Book a Week 2014: Made, Altered, Repaired. Week 27

Week of 7 July

Wedding Guest Book

My nephew is getting married! We're tickled pink and delighted with their beautiful themes of vintage green and bicycles. I found a great 1950s set of green glass salad bowl with matching individual bowls, like this. I made them a set of 8 napkins with bicycle fabric.

I proposed that I make them a guest book using this roll of 1950s green chinoiserie [a word, which here means: the imitation or evocation of Chinese motifs and techniques in Western art] wallpaper.

My cool cousin Kathy and her amazing husband, Elton, bought this great 1950s ranch style house near Lake Mendota in Madison, WI. Kathy found a couple rolls of the original wallpaper in a closet and let me (paper hoarder) have them. The family who built it were the only previous inhabitants, so the original everything was amazingly preserved. My hubby and I took the old couch to grad school with us. It looked like this:
only ours was brown. Its best feature was it was 7 feet long, so anyone could sleep over comfortably!

I digress. I wanted the guest book to be able to lay flat while people write in it, so I was thinking of doing a coptic stitch, but I've done so many of those this year. I also wanted the paper to be a nice thick art paper and the pages to be large. I also wanted to add a little color, so here's what I came up with:

Here's my process:
Gather materials -

I cut strips out of 3 shades of textured Murano art paper, and folded them 3 times.
 Marking the holes.
 Here you can see how I folded them:
 poked holes...
 You can see the stitching here, but you won't see it when it's done. I'm sewing the big white sheets to the green extended spine before I sew up the spine.

I used 3 different greens for the spine, doing a traditional sewing on tapes.
I added a muslin super, cutting slits for the tapes:

I glued the tapes to the muslin.

Now for the case:
I'm doing a quarter bound book, so using bookcloth on the spine. I measure out the width of the spine plus the thickness of the board, add a strip of bookcloth to the spine for sturdiness, and only glue the edge to the boards.

Use your bone folder to make nice sharp creases and gutters.
 You can really see the pretty texture of the wallpaper here.
To make a nice corner, first fold one corner down with the bone folder:

 Glue it up
 Make a nice fold. Not bad!
Add pretty endsheets to complete hinging your text block to your case.
 Make a 1/4 inch crease as a carrier for your glue.
 The only thing attaching the fly leaf to the text block is that thin bit of glue. The other half is glued down to the board. I love this Italian paper.

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