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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Minding Our Own Business

I grab these books with picture endsheets (and this one even has the book jacket!) whenever I find them. This one I ripped out the text block and rebound with my own letterpressed lined blank pages.  A long time ago I was trying to figure out how to make hand bound journals with lined pages. All I could find to purchase online were single sheets. To do a sewn book, you need large sheets of paper to fold down to make a "signature". You sew several signatures together then attach your book covers.
Anyway, I couldn't find any large sheets of lined paper, so I had a print shop make a die of lines and then I befriended this great guy in Northfield, MN who had letterpresses. I spent an evening with him printing big sheets of my lined paper. He was so good at perfecting the print - he took a lot of time adjusting the height of the die so that it would make an even print. I love watching someone who is really really good at what they do.

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