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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Anniversary in Paris

 Doug and I took a spontaneous, romantic 15th anniversary trip to Paris in 2003.
We left the kids with various family and friends (thank you again), and had a charmed, perfect trip abroad.
  Flipping through this old French textbook, I noticed lots of photos and sections about places we saw and ate and experienced. So I combined textbook photos with our photos, and it's a fun memory book.

 Here's tiny photos of us on the little boat sailing up and down the map of the Seine.

 There was a section in the French text about French-speaking places other than France. Here is a page about Quebec, with a picture of Chateau Frontenac, where we spent our honeymoon! So I dug up a couple of pictures from 1988.

We loved the Cluny

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