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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Altered Book

 Home to Texas

One spring break, the kids really wanted to swim. We live in MN. We can't swim outdoors until the middle of June. So we decided to throw them in the van and drive to Texas till we found a beach. (We made a lovely detour to Austin first to see an old college friend), but drove all the way to Corpus Christie - good god. I will tell you I don't ever have the need to visit Texas again. I wish Austin weren't there, because I like that, and we liked the River Walk in San Antonio. So the kids got their beach time and we even drove the 1/2 hour south of Corpus to cross into Mexico so the kids could say they'd been to a third country (the US being their first, Canada the 2nd, and now Mexico for an hour).

To pretend that I had a good time (I can't stand beaches, full sun, or Texas, or the states we had to drive through to get there), I created a photo album in this funny Western thrift store find: Home to Texas.

It had hilarious character names, like Dork Wallace (that's now an insult in our family, as in: "YOU'RE a Dork Wallace!"), and Austin Crabb, Ace Pease, Spang Cooper, Bucko Sollars.

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