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Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Book A Week 2014: Made, Altered, or Repaired. Week 9.

Week of 3 March 2014

What we made in my Japanese book binding class.
 I took a Readers Digest book and cut off the covers in front of my students. Several of them gasped and were upset that I could just "ruin" a book like that. One of them asked me if they could keep the text block and read it so it wouldn't go to waste!

Inside I used graph paper. See kitty's paws at the top. He likes to step on whatever I'm working on.

 Back of the book. We used a hole punch and hammer to make big holes. It was kind of loud in the library.

 I used the covers off a discarded novel for this one, and some washi tape for decoration.

 Inside I used a marbled paper from Florence, and a printed kozo paper for the fly leaf.

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