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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Book a Week 2014: Made, Altered, Repaired. Week 10

Week of 10 March 2014

Belgian Binding!!!
I love this binding. It has a similar look to Japanese stab bindings, but opens and lays flat, like a Coptic binding. One of the cool things about this method, is that the spine is completely free-floating. This binding is a relatively new style, created in the 1980's by Anne Goy, a Belgian artist; here is its history.

 My supplies and tools. Actually, I didn't use my Japanese Screw Punch, because it was easy to make holes in the Readers Digest book covers with my little piercer.

You sew the covers separate from the text block. I wanted some staggered holes, so I could get this look.
 You sew through each hole twice to get this nice wrap-around style.

 I made sure to keep the threads taut so the cover wouldn't be loose and flimsy.

 The text block is sewn separately, then sewn onto the threads covering the inside of the spine.
 Here you can see my seven signatures.
 Inside the back cover.
 And the pretty spine. I think I'll give this one to my sister, Julie, as a house warming gift.

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