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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A Book A Week 2014: Made, Altered, Repaired or Reviewed. Week 7.

Week of 17 Feb 2014
This week is an Artist Review

Author/Artist Blexbolex
Blexbolex (born Bernard Granger) is a French graphic artist and illustrator. [Enchanted Lion Books] I first learned of him at the library, when I was shelving some childrens books, and I spotted his book Seasons. It stood out on my cart because of the shape, the binding, the color palette, and how it had a 1960s look to it.

 It's this amazing, sturdy, sewn binding with thick boards, when I read it, was surprised and pleased by the simple text and the choices the author made for what pages were side by side.

Then another day when I was sorting a childrens cart, my eye was drawn to another book called People.
This book caught my eye for the same reasons as Seasons. And again, I was delighted by the choices the author made in words and pictures.

Today, I was shelving reserves and picked up this AMAZING book:

I had to read it immediately. It tells a whole story mostly in pictures. It's gorgeous and imaginative and I'm going to go buy it so I can own it and touch it. The typeface is beautiful, the palette is amazing. The neon orange really makes the images pop.

I love what Brain Pickings has to say about it.

Blexbelox is my favorite new childrens book illustrator. See my other favorites on Pinterest.

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