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Monday, January 6, 2014

Making Paper at the Library's Makerspace

     Papermaking was our first project to open our new Makerspace at Rochester (MN) Public Library. We now have a dedicated, windowed room with tables and chairs to promote the Maker movement.
   For 3 hours a day for 5 days, with 100 people, we ultimately made 400 sheets of paper.
I set up 4 paper stations - 3 for making 8 x 10 blue sheets for our project, 1 for making small cookie cutter shapes for people to take home.
Shredded Paper from discarded fiction
We dried our paper on the windows

Pressing the dried sheets

Our paper samples - see how each is unique?

Sample of glittered paper shapes

Looking in to the Makerspace

We ordered aprons for use in the Makerspace
We used Arnold Grummer large pour handmolds. They held up well and worked great for lots of people and lots of use.                   

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