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Monday, October 6, 2014

A Book a Week 2014. Week 32

Week of 11 August

Connor's Books

We took a quick 2-day trip to Chicago to see my best friend, Paula and her family. Her son Connor was about to leave for a year in Japan, studying ceramics. He learned that he needed to bring a bunch of little gifts to give people (teachers, hosts, new friends). I brought a basic tool/supply kit along so we could make some books for gifts.

This picture was right out our hotel window, looking toward Navy Pier. I like that you can see my Devon reading, and my Emeline taking the photo.

Connor wanted to include some Americana-like pages. He found a book at the gift shop that explained things like how the government works. I like to create books in which my supplies determine the shape. This is what I came up with:

We also made small books with other shapes and sizes and styles, some pamphlet, some Japanese, some stick-and-rubberband:

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